pHusion Satin Hair Bonnet Plus B



Wear over braided, natural and long hairstyles.

Why it works? 

True relaxation occurs when sleep is undisturbed. The pHusion Headgear products promote sound sleep by alleviating the need to wake mid-sleep to replace an ill-fitting headdress.

Unmanageable hair is no longer a worry. The combined use of a sleep mask and headdress leads to undisturbed sleep.

Why use the Phusion Sleep Mask? 

Darkness signals the body to produce more melatonin, a naturally occurring hormone produced by the brain, which regulates your body’s internal sleep/wake cycle. Using the pHusion Sleep Mask aids in the production.  

  • Wide, soft, comfortable headband
  • Great size bonnet for long hair
  • Patent pending stay-on connecting system
  • Prevent hair breakage
  • Maintain salon-finished hairstyles
  • Great for the spa 
  • Wear with or without small rollers 
  • Optimum size for great fit